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Sunday, September 27, 2009

chicken scratch 3

I had tried out the same embroidary in a dotted cloth.

chicken scratch embroidary 2

This time i had done it with light colour thread with dark back ground.

chicken scratch embroidary

I am interested in doing Chicken scratch embroidary

I have done one pillow cover. But I used double colour thread. Since the

background is darker colour, the design is not visible clearly.

Photoframme(m.seal work)

This photoframme decoration is done by M.seal and painted with metalic copper.

photoframme decoration

The photoframme decoration is made by shells and crystal beads.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Handmade artificial jewels.

I am very much interested in making artificial hand made jewels.

Some of them are here.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Handmade gift box

This is made up of glass. Handmade by me. i decorated with zari ribbon on sides.
About the second one,I decorated with red laced ribbons and wool is placed at the top to enable to open the box
The top most is handmade glass box and painted with glass colours. The top cover portion is also decorated with glitters.

Hand made gift boxes

This is a glass box. Made by me. I decorated it with zariwork ribbon all sides.

aon sides of the pachis work, i have worked cross stitich. two types of variations from cross stitich is used here.

this the kutch work view on the bottom sides of the pachis work.

This is the closer view of the kutch work done on centre of the pachis work.

I like doing Embroidary works.

This is done on a saree pallu.

Pachis work is done in block and cream colour thread.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beads craft

Making things with beads is an interesting thing. Cross stitch patterens are used to create this. I had done lot of beads crafts like vehicle, birds, animals figures and all. the list is going on. But now some of them only are available here. Just a have a look of it all.

beads craft

Making figures with beads are very interesting thing. I used to make a lot of figures, vehicles, animals, birds, Gods figures and so on the list is going on. But only some models are available with me. The cross stitich patterens is used to make these figures. Nylon wire is used to string the beads. Have a look of some creations of mine.

beads crafts

Doing beads crats is an intersting thing. Cross stitich design is used here to make figures. wires are being used to make the beads into figures.

I enjoy doing it, I had done a lot of things vehicle, birds, animals, and the list is going on. But some of them only is available with me now.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I used to prepare Thanmbula thattu also to give as gift to my friends on some are some of them.

This is Navarathiti time. Navarathiri is really enjoyable time. Kolu in all friends houses. Visiting to their houses. Noticing what and all kept new like wise. I used to do some little craft items to present to my friends to use in their kolu. This time I made one diya with waste cd to all my friends. They really liked it and kept in front of the kolu Some kept little brass lamp in the centre and some made it as centre piece and expand by Rangoli. i really happy presenting this little creation.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

making crafts is a happy thing. It does make life meaningful.Creating a new thing is a wounderful feeling


Doing craftwork making live happily. fully.

creation of something new is a wounderful feeling.