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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Huck Embroidery

Hi friends,
I am taking a long break..........

I love to embroidery....
All types. Like to try by TAST.
Here now i am coming with a little embroidery.
Its Huck., Swedish embroidery.
I am not getting Huck towel here at Chennai.
When i happened to get some towels from a famous shop, i find this towel. It is like one of the Huck towel. But its lines are straight not like one at Huck towel. O.K. Let me try my hands with this. Yes done a little work.
Only at Borders. Have a look.

O.K. will come back by done on the centre with some designs. o.k.?


Monday, February 18, 2013


Hi friends,
After a break(long break no) i am again here, I inspired by the balcony garden  at Colours decor.
You all know that I am having a very little balcony and my balcony garden was already been shown by me. Now i am taking to my Colony. Welcome to my colony.
I am here exhibit only garden around my colony o.k.?
lets walk around..........

Isn't it so pretty green and colour full?
My morning walking path is this. So come along with me for a fresh walk friend.
I am linking this post to Colours decor weekly story 3

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rangoli at Door

Hi friends.
It was a long cap that i met you all. So many happenings.
Above all I last my camera.
I cannot upload photos.
My son send me the new one. Thanks mahesh.
I am coming here again.
This time, i made a Rangoli.
Kundan rangoli.
With mirrors inside.

you may think what is the special in it.
Yes I pasted it my front door.
like this.
My neighbours liked it and asked me for one to them too.
I made like swastic, round and square designs. But due to non availability of camera, i am not able to upload those designs.
Do you kundanrangolies on door too nice to look. What do you say friends.
At colours decor, the weekly story for the year 2013 started.
So this for the weekly story 1 for 2013.
here is the link.