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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Peetam for Guru

Today is Guru Poornima.
My Pranams and Namaskarams to all my Gurus.
There held Saibajans in our colony.
I prepared this Peetam to Guru Sai on this Gurupoornima day to tell my Namaskarams to Guru Sai.


moveable rangoli

Hello everyone....
This is festival season started at Tamilnadu.
Adi velli, Adi chevai..Adi nayuru....
Friends are coming to my house for thambulam being Adi velli.....
Done have time to put elaborate kolam.
So easy movable Rangoli..
The Rangoli is not moving. I have to move it and arrange as per my wish.
Here is the kolam for your view.
The original cutting of mdf board looks like this.

Its been painted and decorated with pearls and kundans like this.
Its been arranged like this....

I made this one for the centre portion. But this seems to be a big one to fir the four. So kept aside. Wait will prepare outsider with something different soon.
It is very easy to handle. I can move it as per my taste. So given the name move able Rangoli...Am I correct?
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Monday, July 15, 2013


Hai friends................
How was the week end?
I done some embroidery to my saree pallu. The Saree is silk cotton.
Very light colour, very light to wear too.
I done patchis work at the pallu. Stem stitch, fish bone and french knot are the other stitches. Very simple. But to view in person it is so nice i think. Have a look.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kutchwork embroidery 2

Here comes a hutch work embroidery
I done it on my saree pallu.
Have a look.

The mango design is whipped chain stitch and centre one is buttonhole.
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Sunday, July 7, 2013

decarated platter___Weekend creation

Hello friends...

creating something new makes me happy.
It is my small world of creation and there i live happily.
Sharing my creations with you all makes me more happy.
In this list here comes an another creation.
Now this is a platter.
I created this for giving manjal and kumkumam to the ladies visiting to my home.
I just forget to take photo before i start the painting work.
This is made up of mdf board.
The cutting is the main charm of this.
I painted decorated with kundans.
It is very light weight. So handling is easy.

Doesn't it this proud peacock pretty?
Yes I love it.
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kutch Embroidery

My embroidery continues here. Now it is hutch.
I am planning to stitch one table cloth. This design comes to the centre. I have to finish the border too.
But due course. Now the centre design is for your view.
This embroidery is called Sindhi embroidery too.
But it does looks like kolam. So I like it.
See the unfinished design. Doesn't it looks like kolam?
I always like kolam. So I like this simple design.

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