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Monday, August 29, 2011


Today i am fresh.
Meeting you all reading all your posts making me fresh.
I had done kolam in my pooja room.
and that is it.
Are you able to recognise how dit i done this?
Yes my favorite plastic canvas.
These i had done at kansas, when i got free time over there.
Now i created this kolam by plastic canvas designs and rangoli powder(pink) around it and flowers added extra elegant.
I am making me refresh by doing such of these things.
this is the plastic canvas design i used here.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I am back again

My dear dear friends,
 It was a long Gap since i met you all.
 I was fell sick.
 The north Indian(Delhi and surroundings) trip made me so ill.
 I suffered a lot and hospitalised too.
 My brother took me to Coimbatore and I stayed with my brothers family. It was pleasant be with my brother's family, but they were very strict. Not allowed me to go temples, outing and take care a lot, lot really a lot. There was some problem with my eyes also. Everybody (my brother, and his son,daughter,soninlae, daughterinlaw) there was so busy and i hesitate to use their computer. There is a restriction from them  in using computer because of my eye problem.
 Now I am alright and back to my normal life.
 Friends i used to say I am young. Of course. But sometimes my body shows its own age. What to do?

O.K. There my brothers daughter used to cook. She is very best in cooking.She used to wear apron while cooking.
 To my surprise, there was one gingham cloth apron laid there.
 After everybody left home, i started stitching design in that apron into a chicken scratch design. Since i don't have the help of computer and Internet, i had done this design as usual like kolam design. Yes 7 dots kolam.
 While entering here again a long gap, i am here with my chicken scratch stitch.
 have a look. Even though my brothers daughter restricted me to do craft, after seeing the finished design she felt happy and a happy hug and a kiss was the present to me in turn. Me too happy.