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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

TAST week40 2012

Week40 of TAST this week is beaded HedeboEdge.
I had done this stitch previously.
It is here.
Will come soon with my recent work.


I am late.
Very very late.
Shron regularly introducing stitches in every Tuesdays.
But I am due to some unavoidable reasons, given bra ck to my blog post and TAST.
I finished up to TAST week 33 2012.
Now it is running 40.
Wooooooooooooow I am late by 7 weeks. So bad.....
O.K. Let me catch up stitches here.
First Week 34 
Week 34 is linked double chain stitch.
I had done some works by this stitch. here it is.

Week 35
The week 35 is Sheaf stitch.
And here comes my trial.
You know friends, i always like kolam motif.
So here I tried it out like kolam by sheaf stitch.
Shron had given time to people like me to catch up.
In spite of this I had not done the arrears.
Sorry  due to health issues and others.
But she had given a mini challenge to to with 3 to 6  stitches already quoted.
So here comes my trial.
Here i had taken pistil stitch. lazy daisy,buttonhole wheel,double linked chain,french knot,chevron and bonnet stitch. No new designs. Just round.(very lazy know?)
Week 37 is pistil stitch.
Here comes my little work as trial.
full flower and leaf are done with pistil stitch. I know the quality of the picture is not good. What to do. I last my pretty camera.
Yet to purchase a new one.
o.k. will do shortly.
Week 38 is Drizzle stitch. Sorry friends i had not tried it out. I dontknow how i missed. OK
let me try soon.
Week 39, it is knotted buttonhole stitch. I had tried out previously.
This one is the present one.
This one is the previous one.
Its so happened that that too is in blue colour.
O.K. Any how no arrears I completed up to date.
Will come soon with next post.