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Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Navarathiri.

Again a long gap.
I am away from computer.
I had a visit to Truppur, to my sisters daughters house and Coimbatore.
Rushing back to Chennai to celebrate Navarathiri.
Missing all friends blog.
After Navarathiri leisurely i will  read all the blogs.
Now I started my poojas.
Of course no time for crafts.
Simple things.
This is the first day creation.
And this one is for 2nd day,
This is for 3rd day
Actually the templates are done by Radika as wall hanger. But I utilised it as kolam adding the brass frame and base for keeping kuttu villakku.

As usual these are the simple chains made by me to the little ones in my colony.
Of course only 3 little girls.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Onam

Yes it is really very happy being with Keralite at Onam.
The grand sathya, Atha pookalam, vallamkali(boat race), kaikottikali(dancing around the lamp by pretty ladies wearing the trational saree}.
O.K. Let us enjoy the blossom of little flowers at my balcony garden instead of athapookalam this year.