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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Little creation

One of my neighbour attended a craft class run by Kumudam snekhidi and fevicryl.
She came and show the things she done over there.
My created mind immediately worked out.
I too had done those things since the base materials are available with me.
I had not attended the class(My ill health will not permit to go over that much distance).
Even though sitting at home i tried it out. Have a look.

This is the kumkumchopu holder.
The centre kumkumchopu is purchased once upon a time. The base only had done by me.

This is a photo frame.
base is by mdf wood and painted by me and the flowers are by Shilpkar
It is very little and can be use as fridge magnet.

Paper flower. Lotus like paper flower. Can be used as candle holder, arathi thattu and all.
Very interesting and easy too.
Make 3 rounds with handmade paper. The measurement are 8inch,6inch and 4 inch.
Fold the round  into 4 times and by cut it by 1 and half inch, one inch and half inch.
Fold at the back to form like flower.
Arrange it into a plate and decorate it with kundan stones.
Doesn't it looks pretty?
I rearrange the kumkumchopu holder and paper flowers like this way too.

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My creations

Hi friends,
How are you all?
i am fine. i cannot sit ideally. Doing something to kill my time.
But I love doing such. These are all the weekly creation of mine. Have a look.
I used to love peacock. My all time favorite proud peacock.
Here it is.
I had done 2nos of such. Cannot use as Rangoli. So i used as door hanger. I pasted  with double tape at the back and fixed at my door.

Aren't they both happy?

These are the creations by me this week.
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Monday, September 16, 2013

Onam Sadya

This year we had our Onam Sadya at MAHA MUDRA at Mylapore.
I am a follower of Ishya Yoga. Had trained at Coimbatore for 10days and very much impressed about the ambiance. I never miss DhyanaLinga while my visit to Coimbatore.
We selected Mahamudra of Isha this time for our Onam Sadya.
We reserve a table for 12.30p.m.
But travelling all the way to Mylapore made us late.
We are so late.
Felt hard for car parking.O.K. Managed.....
While waiting for Table, i clicked some of the decorations over there. I liked it very much and like to share with you friends.
Have a look.

We got our table and waited for our dishes to serve.
I forget to take pictures of the dishes at first because that much hungry.....
But i will narrate the names of the dishes o.k?

sweet bananachips bittergaurd chips
fruitsalad(super garnished with coconut)
paruppu nei
karamani porial
vegetable porial
pulicherry(I tasted mampala pulicherry at Kerala but here pineapple pulicherry so nice)
thayir pachadi
paruppu pradaman
paruppu thokaiyal
mango pickkle
buttermilk(masala buttermilk)
herbal sweetened drink

adipoli sadya.

All are very very nice and tasted very good.
We all are very happy and enjoyed the food well.
Have a look of half finished food
Since i forget to take a snap at the begining.

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Sunday, September 15, 2013


Its time to rejoice. enjoy, colourful flowers blooms and make the earth pretty.
Happy onam.

The followings are My P.C. pookolam creations for Onam wish.