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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy Janmastami

Today is the happy birthday to little Krishna....
Let the happiness spread all over the universe.


Sandhya ragam

Yesterday when i Lit the lamp near my Tulsi Brindavan, I felt so happy seeing the light illuminating in the down, i felt very happy watching it.
It is just a little thing. But I want to share it with you all. Have a look.


Little craft--------Coin box

Hi Friends,
happy to see you all here.
This weekend i decorated coin boxes. It is actually kumkumbox as i bought it.
But after finishing it i decided to present to my daughter and daughter(inlaw) by putting
 coin in it on their wedding day.
See my paintings...little craft------coin box.........
I painted it by golden metalic acralic paint.

and decorated with kundans and mirrors on the side.

And the other.

painted it by metalic peacock blue and decorated with kundans.

These are the 2 decorated coin boxes.
This weekend creation.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Peetam for Vara Mahalakshmi

This is Adi masam....
Lots Lots of functions...
Adi alaithuvarum is a ward.
Adi month brings all festivals...
Celebrating festivals are so nice.........provided our beloveds must be with us.........
During VaraMahalakshmi virutham day, I used to go to my friends house to perform the pooja and I like to decarate Devi well.
This year I planned to prepare one peetam(seat) to Devi.
Devis statue is kept inside the mandabam.
But she requires pretty peetam to sit no..
So here is my preparation.
Its also madeupof mdf board...Just painted it and decorated it that's all.
Enjoy my decoration.
It is now kept in my friend's house.

Top view.
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Monday, August 12, 2013


Hi friends...
I am not going to upload photos of kolams.
Its my mothers teachings that only maa kolam should be done at the Pooja room.
So at Pooja room i used to put small maa kolam.
Find it difficult to clean it. So i used it to draw at Palakai(wood).
On manai palakai, i am able to create chemman also(red border).
It is easy to clean by putting under the kitchen sink.
So i am not uploading the maa kolam done by me at my pooja room.
At the entrance, i put a very very little maa kolam only.So it wont be so interesting.

Now here I am going to upload the move able Rangolies arranged by me in the front hall.
Since it is the craft and will suit for my "viji's craft"

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mini stand

Hi friends how are you all....
Everywhere rain and water...
But city doesn't have rain and water....
Its going......
This weekend i created one mini stand.
Its called diya stand.
As usual i painted it decorated it and about to  nail in front of my wall near the main door.
I remember my olden days. My house at Coimbatore was old and very big. During santhiyakalam, (evening) my mother used to lit lamp stating Deepam, Deepam and place the deepam in front varandha. Me and my brother has to chant Rama jabham in front of the lamp by closing our eyes. Sometimes i will open one eye and see what my brother is doing. He immediately complaint my mother that i am opening my eyes. My mother used ask him how do you know that she is opening her eyes unless you open your eyes. I felt happy on hearing this...........
There will be triangle holes on both sides of the front gate wall there my mother used to keep pithalai aklals and take the lamp inside the house.
On imagine like the triangle hole I prepared this lamp holder. While tring to nail this, the maintenance office staff objected stating that no such things should be nailed outside my door. So no other go, i nailed it inside my house at the foyer.
Lit the lamp too.

I felt it is not safe liting a lamp at the foyer.
So convert it into a stand for my favorite Ganesha.

How is my stand?
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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy friendship Day

Hi Friends
I know the value of friends....
Sitting at home rounding about the world is but for you all.
Thanks friends making my day bright and worth.
Happy friendshipday to all.