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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TAST 2012 week 9 couching.

This tuesday sharon B here announced couching for week 9th stitch.

As usual i had tried it out like this.

My previous work in couching is here.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Garland........ Malai......

I remember the childhood days.
When chitri started, mullai arumbu and malli poos are available a lot at Coimbatore.
School vacation starts during those time.
It is a duty to my elder sister to prepare jadai alankaram with the mullai, malli to us girlees.
We girls will eagerly wait for those days, feel proud to wear poo jadai every year.
Immediately photos are taken at the photo studo (No camaras was available at home) by keeping a mirror backside to visible the malar alarangam, by sitting a big cardboard moon.

Nowadays malar jadai alankarams are used only for wedding girl.
That too changed into decorate with jewels and artificial flowers matching the girls dress.
Have a look of my niece at the special day her jadai alankaram.
No flowers are used. Artificial golden flower and rose flowers were used.
So times are changing.
I learnt to prepare jadai alankaram by flowers from my sister on the early age.
Now i tried it out by preparing a Garland with flowers to give to the Devi near my house.
This for Devi Lalitha in that temple.
Now the arali malai for Devi Durga.
Then comes the chamanthi malai for Devi muthumariamman.

Not with flowers, i prepared garland with Valayal(glass bangles)also.
This is here.

Friends, you may like to see how will be the Devis wearing and looks gracefully by the stoned haram, flower garland and bangle garland. So here......
Devi Lalithamba.
Devi astabuja kanaka Durga.
Devi Muthumariamman.
I prey let peace and happy be blessed by these Devis to all .
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Friday, February 24, 2012

Stoned Haram 2

In this jewelmaking idea, this is the 2nd type of Haram i made.
Soon I will come here with the tutorial of this jewelmaking idea.
Now have a look of this haram.

The three jewels I made for the three deities in the temple near my house is like this.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

TAST 2012 week 8 chain stitch.

The week 8 of TAST 2012 is chain stitch.
This can be viewed here.

My trial in this chain stitch is here.

These are all the works done by me previously.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pearl Neclace

Recently my friend came to my house. Now she is settled at Hyderabad along with her son.
Since her son is now working at Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is famous for pearls i suppose.

She presented me some precious pearls.

I as usual added some stones and created a necklace. Simple one.

How do you like it friends?

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Again Award.

I am happy.
I have awarded one Liebster Award by Rajeswari.
It is notified in her blog here.
And it is here.
Thankyou Rajeswari.
I am happy receiving this award.

Now I am passing this award to 5 other blogger, whose followers are less than 200.

Here they are.


Congratulations award winners.
And the conditions are that the award recipient's should forward this award to 5 persons and also to state 7 things about them.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jewelmaking idea..........stoned haram.

It is a longtime since I am doing jewel making.
Near our house, i found a temple.
The temple is very old and the deities are very powerful.
I am happy i found an olden temple near me, so that I can prey there.
I will write about the temple soon.
For tomorrow i thinking of doing elaborate abiskem for the Devi there, being tomorrow is Friday.
The Devi is very beautiful and she is Lalithambal.
For her i  thought of preparing one haram......
Of course, my handmade jewellery
artificial jewellery making idea.
Have a look of this haram.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

TAST 2012 week 7 Detached chain stitch.

This week, i mean week 7 is detached chain stitch at the TAST 2012 challenge.
And it is here
It is a beautiful stitch.
I had done some designs with stitch previously.
Just for view.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Heart shaped creation.

While browsing Internet, while reading magazine, while watching T.V...........
Everywhere invariably red hearts, red hearts and red hearts......................
Oh For Valentin's day.
Why should i too not?

I too had done one table decoration.
See what I had done.

I had taken heart shaped plastic canvas, wool, Crystal to decorate(I am addict to crystals you know)
started doing.
I had done just cross stitch with the plastic canvas and finished the heart shape

Centre with dark rose colour(instead of red. This is magenda) and borders in green colour.
Now comes the Crystal part.
I just pasted it in the centre of heart.

Prepared 8 numbers like this.
Now comes centre portion

For this I need one hexagonal sakshi board, magenta and yellow colour paints, magenta colour lace and heart shaped crystals.
First given black colour base to the sakshi board.

Then painted ochre yellow.
Centre Magenta round, matching to the plastic canvas and border with megenda lace.
I made one round shaped plastic canvas with magenta in the centre and green to the border matching with heart shaped designs.
Of course a green Crystal in the centre.

Pasted the round shaped plastic canvas at the sakshi board and pasted the heart shaped crystals as outer round shape.

Now all the preparations over.
Assembling the heart shaped Table decoration.
 Like this

This can be placed in a plate and keep like this.

Else can be placed like this on the floor.
Even it can be placed simply like this.
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