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Monday, June 24, 2013

Huck Embroidery

Hi friends...
How are you all?

it was a long day....month.......
I had not done any embroidery.
A friend who came to visit me bought me a Huck towel.
light cream colour.
I felt happy and started to do embroidery over it.
But the weaving of the cloth is so bad. I find it very difficult to reach the weaving. I don't know where i will get a good quality of such cloth.
Any how i finished one side border.
That too after very great job.
I need rest to do the other side to make a tablecloth.
But before that i want to share the half finished.... i mean one side finished border here.
Have a look.

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Creative craft Decarated Diyas

Hello friends how are you all.
This Sunday there held a small function in our colony at the club house. Nothing but chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam by our residence.
Only a small gathering.
I want to show my hands over there as usual.
Bringing lamp is my contribution.
this will do for me.
Started to collect things.
Here it is.

taken each 2 of terracotta little lamps and cup like akarbathistand(sorry forget to take a snap of  that original cup).
Started to decorate it like this......

Now I assembled these items like this.
Doesn't it looks so cute pairs?

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Floating Rangoli

I love flowers.
I used keep some flowers in an uruli in front side of my house and I love to view it.
But some times i am not able to get fresh flowers because i am staying just far away from city and relay with the a lady to bring flowers for me. Some times she fails.
So to manage with that i used to float some kundan rangolis in water instead of flowers. Those are hand made by me.
Those are not equal to flowers. But just fill the place of the floating flowers. Have a look of these floating rangolis.

See the pretty kundan rangolis floating.......

Isn't it all the kundan floating rangolis pretty?
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Floating flowers

Flowers are very pretty creation by God. I just love flowers. All varieties of flowers.
Whether it is smells nicely or not the blooming beauty is wonderful.
I used to keep flowers in Glass/ venkala(metal) uruli in the front room of mine. I feel very fresh when i see flowers are afresh even in the evening. Sometimes it does fresh for 2 days.
See here some of the flowers floating.

Sometimes it found it difficult to get flowers over here. I have to out some distance to get flowers.At my balcony little flowers are blooming and i don't want to bluck.

flowers are always pretty... Isn't it?
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