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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The bride and the groom

 The Bride and Groom are Getting ready for marriage

Thursday, January 6, 2011

wedding decorations.

we friends are going to perform Radhakalyana vaipavam on 9th January.
It does took preparation like what doing a real kalyanam.
My part in that wedding is to decorate Radha(Radhai statue).
The 1st one is jadaialankaram to Radhai. and the second one is paruppukoodu decoration.
I will upload the full decoration on the pooja day.
This is a little finished one.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

handmade cloth bag.

How can i call it?
While getting Tambulam, i got this blousebit from a friend.
It is not matching with my saree.
So I prepared a handbag out of the blouse bit and used it as a Tambulabag to give Tambulam .
As usual my creative though handed me to stitch chamkies on it.

Pearl jewellery

I am in a hurry.
I am going to shift my house into a new flat.
So no time to do any craft.
This is a instant present to  my Friend's grand daughters who visited to my house today.
The elder one is learning Bharathanatyam at Banglore.
Another one is a cute little one.
The little one was wearing a coppersulphate blue dress.
So instantly i prepared the pearl chain with plastic coppersulphate beads to the cute little

The pearl and red is for the elder one.