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Thi is TAST 1 started by Lisa and interested in trying out varities of stitches.
here is the link.
week2. buttonhole stitch
week3Detached chain stitch
week 4 Creton stitch
week5 Chevron stitch
week 6 Algerian eye stitch
week7 Feather stitch
week 8 Fly stitch

week 9 cross stitch
week 10 Alternativebar stitch

week 11 upand down buttonhole stitch

Tast 1 week 12 is couch.
This is the trial of mine.
Here i couched the yellow wool by green wool to form like a circle. The circle was finished by red wool couched by green thread. and buttonhole stitch.

The Tast1 week 13 and 14 areknotted creton and bonnet stitches. here they are.

Tast 1 week 15 isOyster stitch. and here it is.

Tast 1 week 16 isPalastrina stitch and here it is

Tast 1 week 17 is running stitch and it is here.