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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

TAST 2012 week 21 Butterfly chain stitch.

As usual I am late by one week. Last week Tuesday the challenge was announced by Shron was Butterfly chain stitch.

My trial with this stitch is as follows.
Doesn't it looks like rows of butterflies?
I stitched like this by pricking needle inside the cloth.

Here comes the straight rows
and this is zig Zak rows
this is one variation
other variation

Butterfly chain stitch done on an printed cloth

Monday, May 28, 2012

Beaded watch strap

Weekends I am busy.
My daughter, soninlaw and Naveen were visited over here and I am enjoying with them.
But again Monday seems very long............
Waiting for next weekend.
Let me try something.
I found a old watch. It is still working. But the strap is damaged.
Let me remove it.
Then what to do for strap.
No chance of going out in the hot sun.
Let me prepare something myself.
I started doing with beads.
I completed it.
Have a look.
I had done it with black glass beads and centre silver beads.

I am staying somewhat a long distance from city.
I don't get flowers to perform my poojas.
I found a little girl playing in our park, waiting for her mother to come from the house wherein she is a housemaid.
The little girls name is Abirami. Cute little girl. Studying 9th standard. I conversed with her, and she readily accepted to bring seasonal flowers for me .
Now i don't have any shortage of flowers. Abirami supplies me flowers and I am happy.
This beaded strap watch i made it for her.
I am waiting to see the surprise happy smile from her face.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Embroidary on saree pallu

I finished all the mango designs.
There is a lot of oppose in my house that   not to stitch....not to strain.........likewise.
But of course this stitch found to be so simple and I am able to complete it.
Happy sharing with my friends here.

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TAST 2012 week 20 Bullion knot

The TAST week 20 is bullion knot.
I find a little difficult with stitch since i don't have practice with it. O.K. Let me do some designs with it after wards.
Now my trial is here.

TAST 2012 week19 half chevron stitch

The TAST 2012 week 19 is half chevron stitch.
Very pretty stitch
I am late by one week. O.K. I tried it out like this.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

TAST 2012 week 18 crossed button hole stitch.

I am late here by 2 weeks. The TAST 2012 week 18 is crossed buttonhole stitch.
It is a very intersting stitch. I had done previously this stitch but dont remember the design.
O.K. Now I tried this stitch like this.
The designs I created by this stitch is as like

Here, the outer is crossedbuttonhole stitch.
Inside running stitch, buttonholestitch and wheatear stitch.
Of course very simple, but I made an attempt to try this stitch.
Iam happy doing this.

TAST 2012 week 17 Wheatear stitch

I am late. Late by 3 weeks.
Due to some inability.
Now I am holding good.
Trying out the week 17 wheatear stitch.
My trial with this stitch are here. Of course very simple. But trial.

I had done one flower design with this stitch previously.
And this is the one.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Embroidary done on saree pallu.

Hi friends........
Happy entering here after a struggle.
Yes i was sick.
Recovering fast.
Like to view all friends blogs.
Like to see comments for my post.
Happy interacting with you all by way of this blog.

Sitting idly is very boring.
Dontknow what to do.
Look this Saree.
It is a printed pure silk Saree I bought it at Delhi when i visited over there last year.
I like it.
Suddenly i noticed that the pallu part is left without design and simple mango(paisley) design.

Oh ho.....
Got an idea.
Started doing little embroidery over the design.
Since i need more rest, i am doing very slowly.
I am able to complete only one mango up still now.
Have a look.

I will complete all the other mangos soon and will post here soon. O.K.?
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