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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

spiked knotted cable chain stitch.

TAST 2010 week 35 is spiked knotted cable chain stitch.
The tutorial is here.
And my trial with this stitch is here.

embroidary saree pallu.

I find it interested in doing heavy chain stitch and tried it out with the saree pallu like this. Of course this design is also a random drawing done by me.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

buttonholewheel and heavy chain stitch

I have started doing embroidary in a saree pallu.
I dont have designs with me. So just i had done buttonholewheel and outer reversed chain stitch.
Like wise i have to complelete the full saree pallu.
This is one motif. I uploaded here today itself after finishing one motif.
This is polycotton saree and i have used silk thread for buttonwhole wheel and outer i used DMC cotton thread.

Fern stitch and heavy chain stitch

This is the  heavy chain stitch.
This is Fern stitch

Friday, October 22, 2010

vijayadasami plate decoration.

I am residing in an colony and i love children. I am happy being with children. So i used to spend time atSunday morning sharing with them stories, slokas, and little play.
On vijayadasami day children came early when i was preparing the decorative plate. This one is done as per the childrens taste.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

9th day kolam.

Here i had done peacock and decorated with kundanstones in a background of white kola mavoo.
Since the internet problem, i am not able to try the TAST 34th week stitch trial. Yet to try.

8th day of Navarathiri

There was some problem in my internet connection and hence i am not able to upload my 8th and 9th day navarathiri thattu photos.
Now here is the 8th day decoration. I placed a miniature dulasimadam decorated by pearls and put deepa kolam in front and this the kolam for this day.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

7th day.

Today i am very very busy.
Dont have time todo anything.
Lots of friends to visit with for thambulam.
Just placed the flowers in a thattu and kept it very easily.
O.K. Todays thattu is flower thattu.


Today i got some extra time. So I want to do a little craft. Suddently strike an idea and prepared one pair of bird.
But it was a little small to fix the thattu. So i put one little kolam underneath and coloured it.
I had given a little satin rose in between the birds beak.
O.K. Todays thattu is ready.

5th day

 I went to my friend Sunilas house to get Navarathiri Thambulam.
While talking i went around her house and excited to see the bettlenut creaper. it is like vattrilaikadu.
With her permission I got the fresh leaves to use for navarathri thambulam and here for this day I made it vertrillai thattu for this days decoration.
Hows is it?
(Thanks Sunila).

4th day

Here comes the 4rthdays thattu.
This is also made in a eversilver plate. Decorated with peaarl(Muthu).
varities of pearls.
I called it as muthu thattu o.k?

3rd day

This is for 3rd day.
I was preparing some wallhanger with cardboard.
Not yet finished. The unfinished one is decorated here in a plate with colour rangoli powder. Added some chamkies to decorate.
I thinkit is nice to see in person than in the camara angle.

Navarathiri thattu

I am late here. Navarathri is over.
Now only i am coming here to exhibit my navarathri thattu creations.
Of course i was busy with Pooja, visiting to friends and temple and ofcourse jetlog not cleared.
Any how I managed the poojas without any hinterence.
I used to decorate thambula thattu during Navarathri.
In our house no practice of keeping poomai kolu. But I like to decorate one. This year no time. So i am showcausing my thattus here.
This is for the second day.
This is madeup of crystels. Done on a eversilver plate. simple one. Yes I am sleepy.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Butterfly chain stitch.

This trial is butterfly chain stitch.
This is for TASt 1 week 20

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Navarathiri thattu Ist day

This is the Navarathiri decorative thattu for the 1st day.

Shell chain stitch

The TAST 2010 week 32 is shell chain stitch. The tutorial is .here
My trial work is here.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

various stitch samplers.3

This is in continuation of part 1and 2.

This is creton stitch
This is broad chain stitch.
This is basque stitch.

various stitch samplers.2.

This is in continuation of post 1

Stem stitch filling
This is leaf stitch.
This is bakora couching.

various stitch samplers.

I am a follower of Needle n thread site own by Mary It is a wounderful site and can learn a lot.
The tutorials are very easy to follow.
Now  Mary had referred some design pdf to follow here
I tried out the designs with some stitches. They are here.
This is buttonhole wheel
This is chain stitch
This is ladder stitch.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Valayal Malai.

This is the valayal Malai i had done for the deity Durga in our temple.

Raised closed herringbone stitch.

I am in a hurry.Has to back up and go back to my own place.
So i find a little time to try out the stitch.
But previosly with the filling stitches in rose and green, i had done this stitch or onr petal. and it is here.
How ever her i triedit out again.
This is for TAST 2010 week 31.
The tutorial is here.