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Thursday, March 29, 2012

TAST 2012 week 13.

There’s no new TAST stitch this week.
 But Sharon has a mini challenge for stitchers who can’t stop.
 The challenge is to use 3-6 stitches from the first 12 weeks
I am having a lot of fun taking part in TAST and have learned so much from Sharon and all the other participants. Thank you all.

For stitching Easter Eggs, i searched the patteren and find out 4 free patterens from internet.
Here I am using one of the patteren to stich the basic stitches for the mini challenge.
The remaining  designs are yet to stitch.

The stitches I used are:-
1.couching.(outline of egg).
2. fly stitch
3.Chevron stitch
4.feather stitch
5.lazy daisy
6.(week 12) bared chain stitch.
and a little french knots too added.

had stated about the Tast is as followes:-
Things about TAST that I enjoy
 •Learning new stitches
 •Stitching every week
 •Viewing amazing work from stitchers around the world
 •Receiving comments and encouragement from kind people
You are 100% correcr Kathy.
The same is also in my mind. I too agree and like to say the same words.
Thanks Kathy, you had mentioned first and in a perfect words.
Thanks Sharon and fellow TAST participants

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Happy Ugadi Greetings friends.

March stitch along week 4

This is the Stitch along for March week 4 from feeling stitchy.
Here is the diagramme
My work

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Button flowers.

On seeing the heading" button flowers", you may think that I am creating a flower with buttons. Yes, I am going to do that too. But here I embroidered one flower motif with button.

Exams are over for Naveen. For a short break ,he came to my house. He is very happy spending time with his grandpa at the swiming pool, tennis court and other activities. Suddenly he thought that he is not spending time with his Vijimma.
What to do with me?
He opened the Almeria and felt like fainting.brushes, paints,threads, needles, hoops..................
He told that he will sort out everything for my easy reach out.He started his work......
He asked me to sit comfortably in a corner and just guide what is what.
Yes I have done it happily narrating the stories what is what and where i brought each and everything  and all.While speaking with him i finished this design. Actually this design i had drawn in the cloth for doing whipped wheel. But due to some busy work, i left it as it is. Now it is handy and the hidden inside button box made me stitch like button flower.

Now have a look at my button flower.
Iam linking this post into Colours decor The weekly story 72.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Sand stone neklace.

This weekend creation of mine is Sand stone necklace.
Have a look.

This is to wear with a green Saree. So I added green crystal bought from Kansas Jem exhibition.
As usual stoned pendant, and stoned little pendant add to attraction.
Is int it cute?
I am linking this to the colours decor.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beads and beads

I like beads..........
Let me drove away the boredom of this lazy evening.
Let me do some beading.
These beads are brought by me at Kansas Joan shop.
Have a look isn't it so pretty.

Some designs are also there in the centre hexagonal beads.
Let me create one chain with this.
Here it is
I am linking this into colour decor

Whipped wheel-part 2

These are all my previous work with Whipped Wheel .
This work been called Kamalkadai.
But I think this is also a family of whipped wheel.
The full design is here.
This is also whipped wheel done inside a design.

TAST 2012 week 11 Whipped Wheel

The Take a stitch on Tuesday 2012 week 11 is Whipped wheel.
It is really an interesting stitch. This can make itself a flower design.
Like this.

Here is my example.
Here I show How I did this wheel.
I stitched just a little running stitch in a round form like this.

From the centre i started doing lazy daisy like stitch whipping the running stitch like this.
Now a centre wheel formed and I started doing the wheel by whipping the lines like this
I whipped 5 times and completed the yellow design.
Now coming the another colour. Green here 3 lines like this.
Now i had separated the line like diamond and it starts like this.
And finished like this.
Further can be whipped with the outline stitches like this.

Now I stared adding beads to it and it does look like this.

Monday, March 12, 2012

March stitch along.

This is the second patteren i had done for the March stitch along with feeling stitchy.
Have a look.

Friday, March 9, 2012

TAST 2012 week 10 running stitch.

The week 10 of TAST 2012 is running stitch and it is seen here
Running can make beautiful designs. I had tried it out previously and it is as  follows:-

Now to do running stitch i selected the design from Feeling stitchy.
Its March stitch along with patterens are as follows;-
Among these patterens i adopted one design and stitched in running stitch.
Full design was stitched by running stitch only.
Have a look.