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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Creative week end

Hi friends............
I am taking break so frequently.
This week end one of my niece's friend came to my house for an interview here.
She is very new to me.
Pretty little girl.
I love her. But she was somewhat Moody.
Nothing made her cherish..
I don't know.
May be the tension whether will go through the interview or....
2 hours before she starts, i want to present something and she shows no interest in anything.
I had taken out my treasure......(craft making items).........
She came near me and excited.
Both of started creating some ear hangings. She is very happy and given me ideas.
I thought I should have been done this before....
O.K. The last hours of her stay at my house made both of us happy.
Have a look of the ear hangings very fastly done by me based on the ideas of the girl.
I am happy that i brought out the child in her by doing this.

I am linking this post into the weekly story 8 of colours decor.


  1. சிலர் எது சொன்னாலும் காதில் போட்டுக்கொள்ளவே மாட்டார்கள்.

    ஆனால் இது போல அழகான காதணிகள் என்றால், காதில் போட்டுக்கொள்வார்கள்.

    ;))))) மிகச்சிறப்பான காதணிகள். அழகோ அழகு.

    நல்ல பதிவு + பகிர்வு.

    பாராட்டுக்கள், வாழ்த்துகள், நன்றிகள்.

  2. wow.. very nice earrings vijee:)

  3. Beautiful Earrings Viji.

  4. These are all very beautiful...I am glad you found something to bond...all girl/women love jewelry :)

  5. Hi Viji,
    I loved your earrings. where do you buy your beads and hooks from ?? Would love to try out some.
    Please do make sometime to visit my tiny world of crocht!

  6. Lovely creations...these little beauties can really make anyone happy.

  7. This is myyy most favvvv passtimeee and it's my passion tooo.Lovely earrings :)

  8. Those are very beautiful. I especially like the white one. Very unique shape and design.

  9. அழகான கோர்வை அருமை.வாழ்த்துக்கள்


  10. Congratulations to valaiccara wonderful introduction to the registration very nice

    - Thank you -
    - Ruben

  11. Very pretty Viji. There is nothing like common interest to make good friends.