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Monday, September 27, 2010

Anandmela at Kansas.

There was a mela held at Kansascity community hall. It is called Anand mela.
It was a very fun filled one.
People belongs to various states of India put stalls at Community hall.
Various types of foods from all over India, Delhi, pani poori.
Bengal varities of sweets.
Orrissa bhav baji
Gujarat dohla
Rajastan Alue matter
Delgu pasarattu
Kanada masal dosai, poori kilangu and uppuma.
varities of murrukku,
Tamilnadu Idli, vadai, sambar, venpongal,Mango lessi.
Herbal intake and beauticare prodects.
onegram gold jewelleries
Silk sarees and dress materials.
It was an enjoyable wholeday.
Not only virindu to eat but also to hear.
There was dance performance by children, music songs by devottees and Yoga demonstration was also there.
There was stall and games for children and face painting to children were also available.
Each and everyone enjoyed the mela.
This is the chance for them to meet each and everyone friends, even relations. I think guys put leave to their kitchen on this day.
Children enjoyed much and it was fun seeing painting in their faces.
After that there was thambola and prizess were given to the winners sponsered by Indian crocery departments.
Where ever we go, we can be happy by seeing each other like this and have fun
This get together given rejuvunation to one and all and I felt very happy watching everything.
Here is the photo of the Anandmela.
Good bye Kansas. I enjoyed the cool weather, sorrounded grass, Neat sorroundings, the Temple, the satsang, the Indian friends and their love towards us.
The very very big shops likw walmart, Price chopper, Wholefoods
and craft shops like Hobbylobby, Michesls, JohAn.
I even gone to a carragesale and enjoyed the way they displayed the unwanted items for them
The Indian stores, wherein things which are available in Kerala, Gujarat, Rasthan, and AndraPredesh.
I exclaimed the citizen here following traffic rules and neat and wide roads.
I had a very good, happy, comforatable life at Kansas.I tasted Italian food, Tai food, maxican food and had a good time over with newely got friends here.
I enjoyed the Gurupoornima, Radhayatra, Independenceday celebaration Anandmela and enjoyed much.
Thanks Kansas. This is the time to Apart with you.
See you again.

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  1. Anandmela Fully Participated on indian's only?

    i Think you Very Enjoy that day.. good.. don't Forget our culture also.. if you feel or Want write to Tamil? you Can Try To Google Translated
    This is Link,
    You go There and write...