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Monday, December 6, 2010

green and pearl

I made this necklace with green crystel and pearls. glass beads also used here.


  1. hi,green and pearl necklace is very nice.please give link to stiches tutorial also.where you buy these beads are very nice.

  2. Aparna, This is my own imagination and creation. I used to a lot of bead things.(Have a look here at Beads creation topic)
    So I tried out for the doller and chain as per my own imagination.
    I used to buy my craft materials at Raja thread at T.Nagar Chennai.
    But whenever i happened to see nice glass beads
    chain in some shops before some temple(I used to go around all the temples frequntly) without thinking for what todo i purchse it and it is being used here.
    Thanks for your comments.