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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Huck Towel

Here at kansas the weather is very very chill. Not able to go out. We are even not opening the maindoor, since the cool wind will affect Siddhu.
Sitting inside the house making me somewhat bad.While the infant is active it is o.k. But when he sleeps.......
So my daughterinlaw on the way back from her office from Hobby Lobby store got some embroidary thread, needle(I have not taken any of my needlework kit here)and cloth to stitch. She used to encourge me to do all my craft.
On opening the cloth i found one is addida cloth, i mean our matti cloth. The other one is named after Banded Huch Towel.
I opened it and found very happy because it is the military towel we used to call it.
When i am little girl, my mother used to stitch our book bag, shoulderbag, market bag everything out of this military towel.
It was various colours i remember blue, green,rose white like wise.
Even in my school in needlework session i too had done butterfly, towers and various designs out of that military towel.(pl. somebody tell me the correct name of this).
Now my mind is blank and tried out only one design
Ohhhhhhh! it does cameout well.
O.K. Lt me try some more designs and post here.
This is the first one i made and here it is with happy memories.


  1. Very nice work mam and what type of this work is called?? any procedure for it? comeout very well mam......

  2. Nothing can stop you from creating new things Viji:)) I must learn from you to be happy by always crafting.

  3. It has come out very well .I should say you are very lucky MIL to get an encouraging DIL

  4. This is lovely stuff! Thanks for sharing :)

    Anu Goel

  5. Hi, I have just visited your site and the info you have covered about Huck Towel has been of great interest to me.