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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rangoli in plastic canvas.

I dont have any idea. What todo and no patteren also strike in mind.
Siddhu is growing up fastly. He starts crowling.
He catches things. Alas! among all his varities of toys he likes my colour wool bundle.
HE very fastly coming and taking the wool bundle and keeping in his mouth. To avaoid I packed all my embroidary materials and kept in an cornor.
 this is something I had done with colours. colours-------rangoli..........
Shall we call it as Rangoli by plastic canvas???????


  1. very colour ful pattern no wonder the baby is drawn towards it

  2. WOW - very innovative one.All purpose and can be placed any where.Noticed that you have used woolen yarns to this on a plastic mats. Great job, colors aptly match to the design. Thanks for giving an opportunity for posting my comments. When you have spare time please do visit my blog nitya's knits quoin[]Will appreciate if you can become my friend/follower . I am an active member in Indus Ladies. Thanks in advance

  3. Thaks Anandhi and Nityakalyani.

  4. wow! super. nice color selection.

  5. Good idea. these can be used as decorative pieces on table in any family functions. with vibrant colours, it looks nice. the design is pretty.