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Thursday, December 8, 2011

karthigai deepam.

Today is Karthigai Deepa peru vila.
Every where akal villakku are lighting.
Darkness removed all over.
Lights bring happy and peaceful all over.
Me too happy.
My daughter is being recovered.
Thanks dear friends who are all supported by their lovely wards to give me energy and confident.

By the by i liked these terracota akals available at nearby store to me.
May be a lot of varieties outside near city.
But I was not moved to stores to see and get.
These are the little ones i like most.
Have a look.
See the Ganesha face is in the centre of the villakku. Doesn't so cute?

 This one is like Sanku. this looks nice no?
Peacock design is being done here. So lovely.
Oom symple is done on a terracotta villakku. so nice.

Swastic symple is done here.
This also nice isint it?

Sree is written inside the akal.
So divine no?
See the heart shape in akal villakku.
Devi with kudai in the Kamakshi villakku is very pretty.

This villakku can be lit near Tulasi madam to protect from air.
This can be even hang in a wall. So nice.
I painted the terracota akals and i left some as original colour.
Is these akals so cute?
And here comes my utilisation of these akals.



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  1. I am glad to hear you daughter is better . Your lamps are beautiful. I collect them too. I wish I could get the Kamakchi villaku in Terracota. I would love to have it .

  2. Happy to know that akka is recovering! :) all the deepam's look so pretty!

    சங்கு,மயில்,ஓம்,...ம்ம்..அழகழகா இருக்கு எல்லா விளக்கும்,இதையெல்லாம் மிஸ் பண்ணிட்டு இருக்கோமேன்னு ஃபீல் பண்ணவைச்சுட்டீங்க போங்க! இருந்த நாலஞ்சு விளக்கை வைச்சு நானும் இங்கே கார்த்திகை தீபம் கொண்டாடிட்டேனே!:)

  3. Mam - all the lamps looks lovely, I loved the Ganesha . Nice to know your DD is on the recovery track. God bless.

  4. Nice to know ur daughter is recovering... superb collections of agals... loved each piece.. hope you had a great time...

  5. ஒளி வீசிப்பிரகாசிக்கும் அருமையான பகிர்வு.. பாராட்டுக்கள்..


  6. hi viji, Your agals are simply wonderful I liked the painted ones

  7. Hello Viji Aunty,
    Wonderful Karthigai Deepams, Thanks a lot for sharing them.