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Monday, May 28, 2012

Beaded watch strap

Weekends I am busy.
My daughter, soninlaw and Naveen were visited over here and I am enjoying with them.
But again Monday seems very long............
Waiting for next weekend.
Let me try something.
I found a old watch. It is still working. But the strap is damaged.
Let me remove it.
Then what to do for strap.
No chance of going out in the hot sun.
Let me prepare something myself.
I started doing with beads.
I completed it.
Have a look.
I had done it with black glass beads and centre silver beads.

I am staying somewhat a long distance from city.
I don't get flowers to perform my poojas.
I found a little girl playing in our park, waiting for her mother to come from the house wherein she is a housemaid.
The little girls name is Abirami. Cute little girl. Studying 9th standard. I conversed with her, and she readily accepted to bring seasonal flowers for me .
Now i don't have any shortage of flowers. Abirami supplies me flowers and I am happy.
This beaded strap watch i made it for her.
I am waiting to see the surprise happy smile from her face.

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  1. both are lucky..viji you will get fresh flowwers for your pooja and the girl will get cute bead strap from you as both will be happy..i like both of your generous attitude..
    wonderful idea of bead strapping..the watch looks unique now!!

  2. Wow!! The black beads suit the watch so well.

  3. Very pretty. Look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.

  4. strap is really eye catching..... and its a perfect gift