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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Navarathiri rangolies

Navarathiri went away.
Pleasing memories.
Meet friends
Seen so many handworks done at the kolu.
Pretty little girls(Yes i love them).
I never used to do kolu.
But elabarate pooja is there in my home.
Of course my handworks was also there.
This time no new handworks.
Just Rangolies.
Moveable rangolies.
Done on OHP sheet, sashiboard.........
Have a look.
This is done on an plastic sheet.
Hrithyakamalam with pearls.

This is done on an OHP sheet.
kundan stones are being used here.

Pearls and golden beads are used o OHP sheet

Pearls and kundan are used on OHP sheet

Done on an sashi board.
I mixed a little red on an white paint. The result is so pleasing.....rosecolour.
Isint it so nice colour?

pearl and gold beads are used on an OHP sheet

shakshi board is used here.
Kundan mirror are used.

kundan is used on an plastic sheet.
I link this with Colours decor weekly story lastweek of year 2012.


  1. All are So Nice & Beautiful. Excellent work. Congrats. Thanks for sharing.

    I like 1,2,3,6 and 8 very much. ;)))))

  2. woow nice one dear happy diwali

  3. very very beautiful..
    wish you a very very happy diwali
    can you please tell me from where I can buy those stones?

  4. Happy deepavali Viji. Lovely kolam designs !!!

  5. wow I liked the hrudhaya kamalam excellent work viji

  6. Love the hrudhaya kamalam kolam excellent idea

  7. All the rangolies are very beautiful. Specially hrudhayakamalam.

  8. Everything is so beautifully done.
    Viji ma what is ''sashi or shakshi'' board ?? I want to try on them too !!