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Monday, January 26, 2015

Radha sapthami.

This day is very aspicious.
The seventhday after Thai month amavasai.
We draw makkolam like radam in front of our house and prey SunGod.
After i finish my radam kolam in my front, paper boy just throw the paper over the kolam and entire thing spoiled.
o.k. no problem.
here are some creation by me for this radha sabthamiday.
this radam created by little siver diyas.

This radam is created by glass bangles.

This radam is created by  kundans.

This radam is created by little plastic flowers.

This radam is created by oph sheet with kundan stones.
I am linkinging this post into the Weekly story of Week3 at Colours decor blog.


  1. Very nice . Even we celebrate Ratha Sapthami.

  2. Ouch! It would have broken my heart to have my rangoli spoilt but you took it in a positive stride and congrats for coming up with such beautiful solutions.


  3. Wow...very these Kolam!

  4. The end result is beautiful.. and I guess thats what matters.. well done!! :)