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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nature kolam

My sons friends used to visit our house for Dinner and I am happy preparing our trational southIndian dishes. Everytime i used to put a little kolam in the available place at the entrance. Otherwise all the places here are covered with carpet.
I cannot get varities of flowers(available in market but a little hesistent to ask to purchase flowers. )I put kolam using ricedry flour and decorate it with   flowers on his patio. I fed up with the voilet and rose. And this time I used the yellow flower.


On one day I got a little yellow flower and I compensate it with carrots grape.and strawberry.The ricepodi kolam is not visible here.
Here at the little space, little availability poo+veg+fruit the mixed kolam is ready.I called it now Nature kolam. Correct?