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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The bride and the groom

 The Bride and Groom are Getting ready for marriage


  1. hi,
    bride and the groom are very nice.

  2. Hi Viji! I suddenly found your blog somehow while I was looking for craftblogs on the internet. And I looovvee the wonderful things that you made! The chains are very beautiful and the paintings on the floor too. I remember that when I was a child, people in the village did this overhere too. But they did it with soft sand. Like a decoration for one day. The people had tiles that are layed loose in the sand and they refreshed this sand every day in a nice pattern. But this was only on old farms, not in a modern house (we have wooden and concrete floors now).
    Have a lovey day and greetings from the Netherlands.Mama Lieveheersbeestje.

  3. Thankyou friends, to your valueable comments.

  4. Hola.muy lindo su blog!Saludos Celia de Uruguay

  5. celiabe.
    Thanks. Entering here.

  6. Congrats viji ma..god bless the child n mom n family..
    enjoy every moment with the kid..they are angels..I remember how my mommy was happy when my child was born!!

  7. Viji ! I have been missing your updates . Glad to see you are back and will craft and share as usual.

  8. Thanks for finally talking about > "The bride and the groom" < Liked it!

    Here is my website - Is Heven