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Thursday, January 6, 2011

wedding decorations.

we friends are going to perform Radhakalyana vaipavam on 9th January.
It does took preparation like what doing a real kalyanam.
My part in that wedding is to decorate Radha(Radhai statue).
The 1st one is jadaialankaram to Radhai. and the second one is paruppukoodu decoration.
I will upload the full decoration on the pooja day.
This is a little finished one.


  1. Very nice ,Iam also attending Radha kalyanam on the same day here and in the evening the same group is performing Bhajan in my home.

  2. Nice jadai alankaram waiting to see your radha kalyanam photos

  3. Hi Viji,
    You asked me detail of Crystal plate base,
    so base is Round mirror and bellow that you can put wooden board or card board for mirror's safty.Your Embroidary is very nice, in future you also see my Embroidary.bye bye If you want I can also send you a crystal plate.