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Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow at Kansas

The very next day i enter into Kansas the snow starts fall.
 Yes snow strom.
When i was little enough living at Coimbatore, at the footstep of Nilgris hills, i experienced rain with stones of snow. We call it alankattimalai.
Stones like snow will fall and that disapper soon. But we used enjoy it. It was very very long back.
Now i have seen the snow rain. Like a song in Roja film, vellaimallai.
Sitting inside the house wearing all winter cloth, the house is in warm mode, i enjoyed the strom outside through glass window.
 All schools and offices are declared closed for 3 days. i narrowly escaped.Yes if i delayed one day, i might caught at somewhere else since flights were cancelled all over to kansas.
O.K. a wounderful experience.
I captured this snaps from sitting inside through glass window. My son strictly not allowed me to go out. i was willing to play in the snow.
After the nextday guys made path to walk and cars to move. the gathered snow looks like hills yes panimalai.
It is really a great experience for me. But think, people are doing their routine works with their winter cloth and things are moving as usual.