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Friday, February 11, 2011

I am away

Yes. i am away from my blog for sometimes.
i shifted my resistence to a new apartment.
It was so tedious to shift a new place. i was a little mental upset leaving my oldhouse. it was very artisitical.
Carved pillars, arches and and my art work displayed everywhere and all.
I have not settled fully to the new flat and come here at kansas near my grandson.
Yes i am blessed with a cute litlle pretty grandson Siddhu.
On entering inside the house here, my daughterinlaw was holding him, and when i called him his name he turned to me and smiled with all his body. OH!!!!!!!!
What a wounderful movement that was.
From that minute i am enjoying his every movement and spending time with him. So no time for craft for sometime till I return to Chennai my home place.
But enjoying my co bloggers work.


  1. when u came here. Pls call me or just send me your number to my eamil. I will call u. I am so excited.

  2. Congratulations !and my best wishes for your grandson Siddhu. Have a nice time.

  3. viji I had sent a mail to you.
    Suganthi, thanks.