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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Deepavali decor.

Yesterday was a very happy day for me.
Rajesh and Jayanthi from USA came to my house.
They are my sons family friend and had engaged me very well whenever my son is out of station there.
I was waiting for them to come to my home.
They agreed to join with us for Lunch.
I prepared like this items.
Murungaikai sampar,Beens paruppuusili,urulaikarakari,vellarithayirpachati,pudalaikuttu,tomatorasam,vendaikaimorekulampoo,paruppupayasam and of course other Deepavali sweets and savories.
I finished preparing everything.
Still more time for them to come.
With more anxiety i am not able to sit quietly.
So I prepared the table decoration like this.
I very easily had prepared this one. Just cutout 8 piece of leaf shape from card making paper arranged it.
The centre portion one is as usual plastic canvas woollen work. and this one is
These are the other arrangements
I kept the colourful thoran at top and the decorative move able Rangoli i got from Asmita.
Then I decorated it with Dias.betel leaves and flowers added extra attraction.

The decorated Dias again at T.V.Table.
cute little toys with candle.
candle with bepple.
candle with beads.
And at the entrance
And of course my gift to them were wrapped in the handmade bag.
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  1. what a feast you have prepared viji and your decorations look great . I am sure they were very pleased.

  2. ரொம்ப நன்னா இருக்கு மா! :)

  3. ஆஹா..மெனுவைப் படிக்கும்போதே சாப்பிடணும்போல இருக்கே?:P
    விஜிம்மா,கலக்கிட்டீங்க போங்க! :)

    தீபாவளி டெகரேஷன்ஸ் as usual சூப்பர்!

  4. Everything is so nice and u have lovely space here.

  5. Thanks friends. Thankyou verymuch for entering here.
    I love your comments.

  6. How beautiful .... !!! Lovely space....