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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Valentine"s day

Valentines day is being celebrated during February.
I like the concept of love.
I have been taught to love everybody  that too unconditional love by my Yoga course.
I am practising it in my life to the maximum extent

So i wish  all my blog followers, visitors a happy love day i mean valentine:s day.
Being loving all is very happy feeling is int it?

This is for my blog lovers, followers and visitors.

See this hibiscus plant at my Balcony is also telling me

 Vijimmma happy valentines day

. I am hearing,............

 are you a/ll


  1. happy valentines day vijima.... loved ur mat work and the plant too

  2. you teach all to love unconditionally, which is the only lesson that is required today!

  3. Thankyou Aruljothi.

    Yes Suganthi, to my 15 children i am repeatly telling to love all, animals, birds, human beings,
    I think they are following it.