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Thursday, March 29, 2012

TAST 2012 week 13.

There’s no new TAST stitch this week.
 But Sharon has a mini challenge for stitchers who can’t stop.
 The challenge is to use 3-6 stitches from the first 12 weeks
I am having a lot of fun taking part in TAST and have learned so much from Sharon and all the other participants. Thank you all.

For stitching Easter Eggs, i searched the patteren and find out 4 free patterens from internet.
Here I am using one of the patteren to stich the basic stitches for the mini challenge.
The remaining  designs are yet to stitch.

The stitches I used are:-
1.couching.(outline of egg).
2. fly stitch
3.Chevron stitch
4.feather stitch
5.lazy daisy
6.(week 12) bared chain stitch.
and a little french knots too added.

had stated about the Tast is as followes:-
Things about TAST that I enjoy
 •Learning new stitches
 •Stitching every week
 •Viewing amazing work from stitchers around the world
 •Receiving comments and encouragement from kind people
You are 100% correcr Kathy.
The same is also in my mind. I too agree and like to say the same words.
Thanks Kathy, you had mentioned first and in a perfect words.
Thanks Sharon and fellow TAST participants


  1. BEAUTIFUL! Fantastic way to show off your beautiful stitching, and lovely threads.

  2. This is very beautiful...color combination is good.

  3. It is very nice to look at &
    the colours used are very attractive.
    Very Nice one.
    Congrats for the Beautiful product
    Thanks for sharing !

  4. So pretty... and looks like so much fun to stitch!

  5. Your egg is so colorful and well stitched. Beautiful!

  6. Replies
    1. pretty & colourful. the embossed look is good.

  7. Beautiful embroidery and lovely as an Easter egg.
    I also like your other egg embroideries.