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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

TAST 2012 week 11 Whipped Wheel

The Take a stitch on Tuesday 2012 week 11 is Whipped wheel.
It is really an interesting stitch. This can make itself a flower design.
Like this.

Here is my example.
Here I show How I did this wheel.
I stitched just a little running stitch in a round form like this.

From the centre i started doing lazy daisy like stitch whipping the running stitch like this.
Now a centre wheel formed and I started doing the wheel by whipping the lines like this
I whipped 5 times and completed the yellow design.
Now coming the another colour. Green here 3 lines like this.
Now i had separated the line like diamond and it starts like this.
And finished like this.
Further can be whipped with the outline stitches like this.

Now I stared adding beads to it and it does look like this.


  1. Very Nice & Neat Work.
    I am very Happy to see your talent ! ;)))))

  2. Nice work vijima.. i just love the way u used daisy stitch for base n then split them in to diamond shapes after whipping..very innovative thought..beads adding extra beauty ..

    1. Aha......
      Lakshmi, I am your follower and learner from your site.
      Your words giving me such a boost.
      Thanks dear.

  3. Awesome!! Great ideas!! Love the bright colors too.

  4. You have certainly stretched the whipped wheel. They are all so beautiful. Keep up the good work.

  5. Thank you for the step-by-step. I learned something, and I love the end result!

  6. Beautiful variations! Really beautiful.

  7. it's lovely. thanks for sharing a step-by-step

  8. Gorgeous, thanks for the tutorial!

  9. What a wonderful idea for the wheel, Viji. It makes it looks so pretty. Well done and thank you for the instructions. Regards Dianne.