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Monday, April 23, 2012

Beaded candle holder

It is hot summer over here. Cannot go out. Since i am staying outer Chennai, power cut.
With the help of generator backup no A.C is being working.
So depending upon Fan. Sitting inside the house.
Not able to go out from this colony. Evening walking is around the colony in the shadow of plants.
Sitting at home made me dull.
Want to do something. Something recycling.
All my painting materials became hard and flowing easily.
what to do with that.

Taken one glass . applied 3D glitter. It is became hard and not folowing easily. So applied it with brash.
Then scattered glass beads on the glitter.
I am not even able to do designs, because the glitter is not hearing me. So just applied that's all.
applied the same glitter at the bottom portion of the glass and scattered beads over it.
Now the recycled glass is ready. What to do with it?
Remember i had seen the glass with candle at Colours decor.
So i too tried it like that.
when the candle is lit, the result is pretty.
some more photos of the beaded glass candle holder.

I am linking this post into Colours Decor weekly party week 77


  1. //So just applied that's all.//

    That itself looks very nice and so beautiful.

    At last placed it in the middle of the KOLAM !!

    Congratulations & Best Wishes.

  2. This is awesome, I love the colorful idea :)

  3. wow.... this is lovely.... beautiful and ethnic....

  4. very clever idea viji. Love the candle light effect.

  5. very beautiful!!

  6. just can't explain how amazinggg is this holder..Lovelyyyyyyyyyy