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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Eggs

Easter is nearing.
Easter egg patterns are available in varieties of materials.
Craft making tutorials are very much available for Easter egg.

But here i embroidered some Easter eggs.
I had taken these designs while browsing Internet and now I am not aware of the particular site from where I got it. But I am sure these patterns are free patterns.
So i had given my embroidery trials with these eggs.

This one i already uploaded. Because i used some stitches from TAST 2012.
Week 13 is the challenge.
Here is the another pattern.

Here comes buttons and beads.I stitched beads around the egg and buttons inside.

This one is mango design.
But i can call it chain stitch design. Since the complete design is stitched by chain stitch.

This is a cross stitch design. I like this design very much and done it. But i don't remember where I got this design. Let ,me find out soon. I thank the creator of this design very much.
So my embroidery eggs are over with this.
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