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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Paintings part 2.

Is it so boring on seeing my works again and again friends???????????
I am just recapping of my paintings here.
These parrots are done with embossed glass painting.
When i was a little girl. there was 2 peacock bead work done by mother used hang both sides of the entrance door. I just imagine like that and had done these parrots. These parrots are hanging at the entrance of my flat now.
I had given a trial of velvet embossed painting. It is nothing but given traced design has to fill up with given colour. I used to think, that i should have used acrylic colour or fabric colour instead of the given colours. It is somewhat dull look.Have you seen the jangli beengli kundand all around////
what to do I like those kundans much.
This is call crackle medium painting. Double colours used here withe medium of crackle. One crackle effect is being seen. I had done some 2 or  3 crackle medium painting with the help of this medium but does not have any photos of those painting. This is the only one remained.
This is called decoupage. the centre Ganesha's picture is pasted in an cardboard and merged. Like wise decoupage paintings, i had done over pot, jewel box, and a lot. But doesn't have any photos of those. This is an example only.
Isn't the annam very beautiful?
Yes i liked it. In an class 3 paintings were taught. These are all done by acralic colours in an canvas.
They very fastly taught and i am not able to cope up. The first scenery spoiled totally. So i had not done the work at the class, taken notes there and sit at home and leisurely done it. Oh!.
I liked the out come well. Here too comes the kundan, the same colour kundan, can be visible finely but not in this photo.
My friend liked it very much She asked me to do one for her.
I got bored with the same colour again. So i had done the same motif in coffee painting. She was very very happy viewing it.
Have a look of coffee painting.
The same design. The out come was very pretty.That one is hanging in her house living room now.
I mentioned about learned 3 paintings no?
This is the 3rd one. For this also i had not at class. Just taken notes of colours and method and completed at home. It does took one week for me to complete. I am slow. It was not possible for me to complete with one day.
There is little deviations....... but O.K. what you say my Friends?
Here comes the vasthu mural.
Painted cardboard with yellow and orange mix and done the designs with M.seal.
Here instead of kundans, i used little mirrors.
After completing the vasthu mural. i thought of doing same size one at the other part, so that have uniform view.
So i had done this.
Here i used orange spray painting. It was so dark.
I cannot mix colours with spray.So left as it is.
The Dasavathara tiny statues are pasted so I called it Dasavathara mural.
Both the vasthu mural and Dasavathra mural are hanging now in my flat.
I will narrate the story of learned Tanjore paintings and finished works soon.


  1. All are very Nice. Beautiful work. Good Talent.


    Thanks for sharing. All the Best.


  2. All are very Nice. Beautiful work. Good Talent.


    Thanks for sharing. All the Best.


    1. Respected Sir,
      Your wards are so encouraging. Thanks a lot.

  3. Wow Excellent work Very Nice Akka....

  4. Thanks for lovely comments.

  5. all your paintings are too good viji!

  6. You are very, very talented! So many beautiful projects. I really like the painting on velvet.

  7. Never are your works boring Viji ma and I am truly honored being a friend of yours and i would love to meet you in person and learn a lot from you !!

  8. all r so lovely and precious looking :)

  9. Not able to follow the technical terms;) you are mentioning Vijimmaa! But I enjoyed all the paintings! Amazing work!