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Saturday, July 21, 2012


Yes Paintings.......
         Done by me as murals........
                  Sometimes back.......
                            Just a recap..........
Let me enjoy myself the paintings done by me.
Are you also interested to hear? Or bored to see again?

This is the first ever painting mural done by me.
Very very easy. On the cardboard I painted black as background.
With chemical clay(M.seal) prepared the flowers alone.
Learned to paint double stroke, dry stroke, twisted stroke by painting the leaves.
It was very interesting.
This is also so easy.
But at the background i used POP added with little water and fevicol and made a paste and applied on the cardboard.
With the help of frok, i made some design over the wet pop. After it does dries, i painted the full back ground.
The faces are done by little plywood cutting and with the help of M.seal i made eyes,nose, eyebrows and features.
Given a first coate of back and over it a copper shade.
This photo, the copper shade is not visible.
As usual my little handwork at the sides.
I really enjoyed doing it. It is hanging near the steps leading to first floor in my house.
This is called Gurjary painting.
In a shakshi board, i painted yellow and orange mixed colour. after drying it, i traced the design.
The full design was done by thread.
After that i painted carefully with white and orange.
added mirrors all over the paintings to give a glitter loos.
Naveen liked it very much and taken away to hang in his room. Both mother and son (My daughter and grandson)had a competition and my daughter won and as per her wish this painting is now hanging in the living room of my daughters house.
This is a glass painting done with solvent glass paint. Just covered the round sakshiboard with aluminium foil and done the outline design with cone work. I learned to do cone work with this. Filled it glass solvent colour. I had 3 nos of this same painting and  I done variety at the centre portion.
I presented 2 nos to my friends and one is at my house now in the showcase.
This is called reverse glass painting. The design is being filled with colours at the backside of the
printed design.
Like wise i had done the same pillayar 2 Nos. alalilaiKrishna one and Lakshmi one.
This pilliyar wallhaning only is with me now and it is hanging the front wall of my living room.

The another painting which enjoyed much doing. The original model piece was red in colour, but I felt the Ganesha seems angry. So i had done in blue colour.
At the bottom of thick cardboard, i applied pop+white cement+fevicol+little water. made a thick paste and applied over very carefully in a same thickness. Then with wet hand i tapped the applied paste and got the background.
After fully dried, i applied first white and then gradually merged the blue and got the background. Now traced the design and started doing the design with M.seal. It does took a longtime for me to complete the whole picture.It does need very care too.Then applied black very carefully all over Ganesha and got this mural done. After finishing it I said woooooooooo.
The result is very nice and now the Dancing Ganesha is hanging on the pooja room outside wall of my present flat.
Here comes my ever loving Vennai Krishna.
I love love love HIM so so so much.
It also does took so many days to complete the picture.
Then I was doing jewel making and so i decorated my vannai kanna with all original jewel.
Here solvent glass colours, acrylic colours, fabric colour and M.seal are used. I used to love jangli beengli kundans and not hesitate to apply kundan wherever i like. I really love doing this painting and It is now hanging in our second bedroom.
This is the mirror work i had done.
I took framed mirror and applied pop+fevicol mix and applied the design. Then over it done cone work to show the intricate work. Then given silver painting. Even Gold painting would also nice. But i preferred silver. Here is also the jangli beengli kundan comes. What to do i fall love with those kundans.
This mirror is now hanging in the front wall of my flat.
Now I am able to do cone work well. So had done the work in a traced design at the tile.
solvent glass colours are used here. Thank god i had not used any kundans here.
It is now sitting at the showcase of my flat.
I will narrate some other paintings of mine soon. As of now bye.


  1. Nice paintings dear thank u for sharing

  2. awesome paintings viji..really you are good frame ganeshji and vennai kannan are too good..great job!!

    would you plz remove the 'word verification' from your comment settings?

  3. Really very nice painting, Madam.

    I am very very happy to see all these things.
    How talented you are! I am really wondering !;)))))

    I like 4th to 8th very much. Congrats. All the best.


  4. all of your paintings are excellent

  5. Thanks a lot friends. Your wards are making me happy.

    1. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee painting yar