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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Varities of chain stitch

Today i am coming here with varities of chain stitches.
I underwent embroidary class here and learnt a lot of basic line, fillup and mirror work stitches.
Each and every stitch has its own name by the tutor. While seeing the popular embroidary sites, i had seen the same stitch with some other name. I thought there must be variation in names.
So Here i am mentioning the names of the chains as per the names taught by me.
The first of the chain varity I choose is braided chain.
it will give a broad look to the design.

Next in this serial is rope stitch. This is also a chain family. contious chain make like a rope

Here the chain comes above the buttonhole stitch.
After finishing the buttonhole, chain is beingdone without priking in the fabric.

This is raised chain band. Stright stich is being done and chain is done inside the stright stich. This is also looks broad and borders can be done with it.

This is called heavy chain stitch and this is been adopted when arri work is being done. This has tobe done like lacing. This is also looks broad and can be used for border.Inside design is also from chain family and this is called butterfly chain.
This is called double whipped chain stitch. First chain stitch is done and whipped in both sides by other colour thread. This is looks broad and can be
used for border and even flowers can also be done with it.
This called whipped chain stitch. First chain stitch is been done and whip the chain with other colour or same colour. It does looks thich and can be do for flower design.
This is called alternatebarchain. One simple chain and bar is being done either of the sides. This can be stitched for doing stem and flower combination.
Here comes the magic chain stitch . double colour thread is being added in the needle and alternate colour chain has to be done.
Here, the centre mirror design is also done with chain only.
varity of mirror work is being done and mirror with chain is also been done. here i stitched the mirror with chain only.
I had done all the stitches in one cloth and to give a effective look i done some border work.
herringbone stitch with buttonhole is adopted here above a lace.


  1. Nice samplers..nice to know you are attending the embroidery classes there..
    coincidently I too tried some variation of chain stitch today..I wanted to learn cable plait stitch..I tried n tried for 3 hours continuously but in vain..pls ask ur tutor if they know the stitch..this is one of the main stitch in mountmellick embroidery..

  2. All the samples are nice. Especially the borders!!