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Monday, August 16, 2010

Little flower.

I am along with my ddil, have a walk daily around our colony.
It is a very big colony and grass have been laid all around the houses. Path way is been laid to walk along the grasses. Daily water will automatically spring around the grass and so a very pretty green look will be there around and walking around is a real pleasure.
Sometimes there will be some little blue flowers  seen among the grasses. They are very tiny and yellow polans also available in the centre. A big wind will destroy the flower like wise it is very tiny. But I love those flowers. very little blue flowers.
In rememberence of those little blue flowers i embroidaried a little work. It is very very simple work i know, but i love those little flowers and my thanks giving deed is this to embroidary those flowers, because it does give happy to me while walking.
Here I tried it out the fly stitch variation also . It is in a cornor of a hangee.
little flower, little work but big explanation!!!!!!!!!!!
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