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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Filling stitches.

Here comes the varities of filling stitches.
In this connection the A at green is a family of satin stitch and back side of the cloth only lines will appear.
B at green is a family of fly stitch and this will be nice doing leaves.full design with thread is visible in the back also.
C at green is waving stitch. (this is known as butterfly stitch for me previously). This is done stright stitch first(i had done in rose colour thread) and waved against the stright stitch in green colour.
The D in rose couching. It is said to be squre couching. doing cross stitch and couch it and looks like filling the design. The couching can be done in other colour also. To fill the cap, seed stitch is done.
E.For this Chain stitch is adopted. First complete the design with chain stitch and then join the opposite chains by chain stitch itself without doing it in the cloth. Back of the fabric only design outline can be visible.
E.For this stitch i used broken chain stitch which I learnt from Lakshmi in her blog and the tutorial is herePosted by Picasa


  1. it looks beautiful..partial to B and C..I dont know how to do C..wish to learn it frm u..
    thanks for the link..

  2. 'B' with fly stitch is beautiful.

  3. It looks beautiful viji,I am also having the same(one petal one stitch) but with different stitches

  4. Hai I like B,C&D stitches.very beautiful stitches & color combo is really superb.

  5. Thankyou Prma for your lovely comments.

  6. WOW!this is so beautiful...I like the satin stitch very much.It looks like flat stitch which i did for one project..