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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kansas living

Living in Kansas city is a pleasantest thing.
Here where we live in this colony is is a gated community and a big colony.
Near by is a park and a school.
Very big play area.
This is surrounded by greenery everywhere. During this spring pretty flowers all around. Varieties of birds chipping and it is also so colourful. Especially when I hang a bird feeder and put grains, a lot of birds are coming to eat it and Siddhu is very happy enjoying the sound and flying birds make him excited.

Before my visits to USA, my son used to plan for go round about and we covered all exciting places (mostly) at USA.
During last visit (Last May) i have to take care of my dil who was pregnant,and she hesitate to travel a lot so we had not gone anywhere out of Kansas.But lot of sons and dils friends visited to our house and cooking for them and get together were so nice for me.And about the satsngs every saturday. Temple visit every Sunday are made me happy.
But this time, being snow falling and cold and having a little baby i am held up inside the house and enjoy the full time housewife status.
Now, Siddu started to go to his school.
Yes school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for 7 months old. It is so pretty. Lots Lots of plaything, sweet teachers to occupying him.There is something itching in my inner mind but no other go than leave him at playschool. I went personally and found the school is very very pretty and teachers are very kind. Even siddu likes to play there because he got friends there.
This is his school and I am hesitated take photos inside the school whether they may object.
After Siddhu went to school, both me and my husband had very good long walk rounded the colony in the  weather.
Then we go to GYM.

I used to do treadmill and cycling there.
About the swimming pool. It is Crystal clear and pretty. Thanks Naiduhall i take my well covered swimingdress and had a nice swim.

O.K. Time came to leave Kansas.
There is some worry inside me to leave Siddhu, My son and loving dil.
But I have to leave.
O.K. Thanks Kansas.


  1. Lovely pictures Viji. You seem to have had such a great time:)

  2. appreciate your spirit of enjoying wherever you are. School for 7 months old is sounding new. It will be difficult for you to leave them but that's life. We have to carry on with our duties, into our world back. Glad that you had a great time with Siddu in Kansas. Thanks for bringing the flora & fauna as a feast to our eyes. enjoyed it.

  3. Vijima,swimming-m pannuveengala? Super pongka! :)

    Nice photos and nice memories! Be in touch from chennai.

  4. enjoyed well... and u swim!!!! most of us want to but no one to teach

  5. Nice pics mam & sweet memories!

  6. wow...luvly pictures... must be hard to leave the little one... take care..:)

  7. Living in Kansas city is a pleasantest thing.//

    Thank you for sharing Eye catches photos.