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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finishing and ending of stitch without knot.

One of my friend was asking whether how will be the back portion of the plastic canvas will be visible after finishing the design.
Since i had given all the creations to Siddhus school to display in his room, i am not able to show the back side.
I am here telling how to avoid knot with wool in the back side.
first while start doing a design leave a long thread at the back. like this.
Then finish some stitches 0f your design in front side .Then insert the needle into the  lef overt therad at the backside i mean the begining thread.
Now wipe the thrad into the finished design at the back side like this

after fully wiped, cut the thrad.

After cutting the thrad it will visible like this. No knot will be there.
Back side also will be neat.

This is back side
After finishing the full design also, just bring the needle backwards and wipe into some stitches and cut the thread close by. So that there  will also no knot  be seen

And this is the frontside after finishing a design.

Even if back side stitches cannot be seen just add felt cloth to the backside while doing finishing up stitch with 4 sides. Or even neatly pasting the felt at the backside also hide the backside stitch.

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  1. Good tip. Normally when we work, we don't care about the knots proturding in the wrong side. This good tip will make it look neat on the back side too.