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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Plastic canvas----Rangoli

I am doing this plastic canvas only. Nothing new.
First of all I dont have time todo.
Second thing, i dont want to get all painting and other material and dumb.
So only plastic canvas.
Only 2 weeks more to spend time with Siddhu.
Then we have to go back our home at Chennai.
When my daughter was a young child, being I am a working mother, she grown up at Coimbatore near my parents and brothers family.
For my son there was a girl name Banu who stayed at my house and lookedafter my children well. I still have thanks in my heart for Banu, who was really took care my little son very well.
So I really missed a lot of the childhood acitivities of my children. Now i think God has given me an oppertunity to enjoy childhood with Siddhu.
So I an enjoying every movement with him.
Time is passing very quick only 2 weeks more.
Weekends are play time for Sidddhu with his parents.
That time i will do some craft .
So is the plastic canvas Rangoli.


  1. Nice rangoli Vijima!

    Enjoy the rest of the stay with your grandson!:)

  2. beautiful design and colours Viji. Well done!

  3. very nice cushions mem .

  4. How much time it will take to finish this Madam?
    Kindly show one naught (design) at the side of main design so as to follow easily. Thanks.Padmasury