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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Karthikai Deepam.

Karthikai Deepam festival is celebrated at SouthIndia in a grand manner. Deepavali is said to be the Deepa+avali,.
But actually Karthikai deepam day is celebarated with litting of lights full of houses and temples. Temples will looks so divine by litting of hundres and thousands of lights.
I like terracota very much. In my house my corridar is decorated with various terracotta items like, elephants, elephantlike plant holders, horses, various types of pots like. I like the original colour terracota lamps too.
While learning painting, i had done varities of painting with pots and sometimes terracotta lamps also. But all are to give as presents. In my house i use the original terracotta red colour items.
Here i display the karthikai deepa lights eliminated in the cornor of my corridar.