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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pen holder (Plastic canvas.)

This is named after pen holder. But it is a multipurpose holder. It is done by plastic canvas.

This is very easy to do. Kids can be taught todo this during their vaccations.
They can do it easily. It is been made up of plastic canvas, Thapsory(without sharp led) needle is used to do the design. So kids cannot wound their hands.
Being plastic canvas the holes are large and they can do it very easily.
For preparing this i had taken 2 nos of hexagonal type plastic canvas and done this simple design by wool.


Then i had taken 5 nos of square plastic canvas and done like this simple design for 4 nos.
I joined the 5 nos of square pieces at the 5 sides of hezagane shape by placing the squares centre and hexaganes at two sides. Now i got a box like portion.
Then i cut out two big square plastic sheet to keep the prepared box as stand.
I kept the designless plain square(small) as bottom and fixed the box on the big square.
Now taken the same size square sheet and attached four sides by thin sheets and made like stand.

Now the multipurpose holder made up of plastic canvas is ready.
Here i use the plastic canvas holder as remote holders.