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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bird feeder.

I am happened to go through Emreen's blog find very interesting topics.
Among them is Adopt a nest box today.
I impressed with the subject and got a bird's feeder from here at HomeDept and placed it on a   little tree in front of this house.
(this is the kuchi kuchi rakkamma tree preiviously i posted as Snow at Kansas.Now it is bloomed fully).
Have a look of it. I am waiting for the kuruvees come and eat  the grains. (The grains packet is also available here at Home Dept.)
Have a look. I am linking this post to the "Birds Need you this summer" campaign started by Shivani the blogsphere


  1. Wow... That was soo sweet and noble of you... I am glad that you got inspired by my post and you have put it to use... Thank You.. I am overwhelmed...!!

    Please check this and post your link here:

  2. Thanks a lot for adding your valuable comment..and well you can attach the link to this post as well..its worth it.......