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Monday, April 18, 2011

Plastic canvas--Coin holder.

This is the Coi hcontainer, made by plastic canvas.
This is a very easy craft. kids can do it for their holiday craft.
I just tell how to make this.

The material needed for this:- 6 star shaped plastic canvas, colour wool, tapsery needle to do design in the star shaped plastic canvas and of course sissers.
Do any design and complete the star. Then attach stars like this. The yellow colour shows how to attach the stars.
Like wise attach 5 stars.The 5th star can be attached with first star.
So automattically bottom portion is ready. now attach one star with the 5 attached stars.Yellow wool shows the attachments.

    this is the bottom portion.

I think it is not necessery to do design in the bottom side.So I left blank without design.Now the coin holder is ready.


  1. very sweet of you to show the steps Viji. Looks like an easy project for kids.

  2. Thanks Rajeswar,Mahi, Suganthi and Aruljothi for lovely comments.