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Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring flowers

At the entrance of our colony they started plant tulips.
Those were very pretty.
The colour combinations are very nice.
Now only they plant it and it will bloom during May.
But I want to capture it immediatly and here are the pictures.

There is a little Pond and the ice above were melted and fountain of water started to work. The ducks enjoying the weather.

This tree is called Cherry blossom No green leaves. All are cherry colour flowers only.Blooming of the cherry flowers are inviting spring.Lot of trees are here and the row seems tobe very pretty.
I thought this is just like our sarakondry blooming golden yellow flowers during Chitrai month.

Here at walmart, price chopper and all other shops are selling plants, plants with varities of flowers.
The ecoration in front of the shops are very pretty to watch.
I just had 2 little plants and kept the Balcony of my sons apartment.


  1. Nice Flowers! Happy spring Vijimma! :)

  2. Beautiful sight vijima..lucky you to see cherry blossoms in real..enjoy..
    flowers in yellow are looking like daffodils..
    Have a great time..

  3. Thankyouda Mahi chellam.

  4. Lakshmi,
    If you believe me or not, On seeong the flowers, i thought of you.
    You can do embroidary live like this.