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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Change of season

The season is changing.
The weather is pleasent.
The Sun starts to spread his hands warmly like a mother hold her child.
Varities of birds started chipping.
Very sweet voices.
Varities of sparrows. Robins squrills came out from their hibernets.
It is very pleasent walking. Cool breeze, warm sun,birds chipping.
I am happy the huchiiy huchiiy rakkamma trees starts bloom with its leaves.
I wounder in some trees, there are no leaves at all. All white bunch flowers.All pink bunch flowers. Very pretty to watch with.
Little yellow daffadils(I asume so) started show its head in between green grass.
Green grass spread its path around houses.
Yesterday my daughter phoned up from Chennai and told about the hot summer there.
So this sweet weather would make my Chennai friends happy i suppose.


  1. very nice, Aunty. It looks very nice in our area too. But I am not in a mood to take snaps. I see cherry blossom trees in our area, which is very lovely to watch.

  2. Lovely blog... !! Your jewelry works are awesome..!!

  3. Thankyou friends for dropping here.