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Friday, April 1, 2011

Wheatear stitich _Simple embroidary2

When i came here at Kansas last june, there were flowers everywhere.
Especially some voilet colour flowers sorrounded this neighbourhood.
I fallen love with those flowers and used some for decoration during friends visit over here.
This time no flower. All the trees and plants shed their leaves and waiting for the next season to blossom.
But before that i think i leave Kansas. So in remember of the voilet flowers, i had done this embroidary.
This is also very simple.
Here i used wheat ear stitch, stemstitch to leaves and fern stitch to the vains of leaves.
I had done baloon stitch for flowers in double colour and centre orange is net knot

these were the voilet flowers.


  1. stitch names are new to me!! I know only stem stitch& fern stitch.
    Baloon stich=button hole stitch,net knot=French knot?

    Flowers and leaves looks natural and are really cute!

  2. looks pretty! how u going to finish this piece of embroidery?

  3. Superb color combo Viji ji..,

  4. Really Beautiful!!!!Will u give tutorial for balloon stitch?Is this for kurti?

  5. Lovely work...beautiful colour

  6. Thank you very much for ur wishes Vijima.. im really very happy.
    Wish you the same..hope enjoying ur stay there with ur kids n grandkids..
    embroidery is lovely with beautiful colours and neat in my place long n short stitch on balloon shaped petals with 2 different shades of thread is called balloon work..